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Art is alchemy

Art is alchemy.

It's a catchphrase, it's a slogan, it's what I say to myself when I'm in my studio painting, and it's a particularly bumpy phase that I'm working through, and I cannot see the light ahead. I use it to remind myself of the transformational and magical aspects of being an artist, the pain of birthing something beautiful and the knowledge that everything will change.

Art is alchemy.

My painting and drawing style has changed from one method to another, from representational to abstract expressionism, to figurative and finally back to abstract. I've changed, the subject matter has changed, and none of us will ever be quite the same. I am happily enamored of the emotional and meditative ways to create art in an abstract way and in this, I am able to contain the sparkle and the flow and the magic of creating art. And that is really what I want to do.

Art is alchemy.

Remember the light, remember your happiness and let yourself be transformed.

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