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Transforming the night sky

I googled the definition of the word "transformation", as I've been polishing up my artist's statement and thinking a lot about why I am driven to create. I am a visual artist, and working with words is honestly, not the best use of my skills ( I once had grand notions of writing the Great American Novel, tried writing at the behest of my college profs, and utterly hated it. Transfixed by the dream, but hating the daily reality of writing). It was not where my brain wanted to live.

Anyway, I looked up "transformation" and found that it was subdivided into a few science categories --mathematics/logic, biology, physics, and linguistics. The mathematics/logic definition fit me perfectly:

"a process by which one figure, expression or function is converted into another that is equivalent in some important respect but is differently expressed or represented."

A transformation happens when we create.

It's a magic of our own making. We make good or bad art, we change, we learn, we grow, we experiment and refine, and this knowledge is imprinted in our minds, hands, hearts.

And here I am, using words again.

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